Continuation to previous post.


Third batch of lectures and homework’s is out for Stanford AI-Course and I just updated the page and data for it.


  1. Switched captions layout from list to tables, now does not look broken on smaller screens
  2. Added link to about, so far just my previous blog post about this(yeah, I am lazy to make a separate about page for it
  3. Added update date to data, shown at the top of the page now

Remaining issues:

  1. No iOS support, not planed too, I am under impression(which may be false) that its too much hassle to provide Flash-less alternative to YouTube JS API right now.
  2. Broken under Android, was not intended for use on small screen anyways, not fixing it too

Source code

Cut to the chase. Here is the source code at GitHub. Its intended mostly for those who want to make similar thing for other YouTube based courses or make an alternative language version(English only now).

And its my first use of GitHub so “Hello World” :D

Anyways, most part of last week and weekend were taken by:

  1. Trying to make PHP scrapper for subs which failed
  2. Remaking my Flash/AS3 code in to AIR app project so that people could work with it(had it in fla Flash authoring format before which worked well only in debugging environment)
  3. Formatting and adding comments to source code

Source code is published under MIT license, use it however you like but I will be thankful for mentioning where it came from ;)

P.S Any help with PHP script, or more precisely, finding a way to download captions for YouTube videos trough PHP is welcome.